Julian McCrae

Deputy Director

Institute for Government

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Julian is a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Government and previously Deputy Director. He leads the Institute’s effort to make Whitehall more professional. His work concentrates on the UK’s public services, its fiscal policy and its desire to consolidate spending across government. He is a regular media commentator on issues relating to the effectiveness of government.

Julian joined the Institute in July 2009 following five years as Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, where he led the unit’s work on social mobility, welfare policies and economic growth. His experience in government also includes two spells at the Treasury, and a period as a Special Adviser at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Julian began his career at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), where he published studies on the UK’s personal taxation and welfare system; he also led the IFS’ research programme on corporate taxation and business investment. He has taught public economics at University College London and helped expand the public policy practice at Frontier Economics, one of the UK’s leading economic consultancies.

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