Fuel Storage Solutions

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Fuel Storage Solutions CV




FSS was founded in April 2002 by husband and wife team, Jonathan and Katharine Barnett. Prior to starting FSS Jonathan worked as a contracts manager for a company that pressure tested and safety checked underground tanks for Shell, BP, Esso & Total retail sites and Katharine worked as a Chartered Tax Advisor for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Leeds.

FSS is a family run business committed to providing high quality, bespoke and standardised services across the UK and Ireland.

Initially the company focused on the safe storage of liquid fuel and oil, ensuring that regulatory requirements were met. However, the company has expanded, we now offer a wide and varied range of fuel-related services including the design, supply, removal and installation of tank and fuelling systems. In addition we offer a full range of fuel polishing services, spill training services and also supply all spill related equipment and consumables. We also undertake environmental risk assessments and site inspections.

Over the last few years, whilst still continuing with our core business of pipe-work and fuel tank works, FSS has become increasingly involved in promoting environmental works.

Our expertise now falls into several areas:

  • Meeting legal requirements for oil, diesel and petrol storage tanks, pipe-work and interceptors. New regulations now mean that failure to comply with the regulations is a criminal offence. We can ensure you meet your legal obligations.
  • Installing, de-commissioning and integrity testing tanks and pipe-work.
  • Cleaning storage tanks, interceptors and bunds.
  • Bio-Fuels and Carbon Neutral consultation and works. Every company leaves a carbon trail. We can work with you to make your company carbon neutral and reduce its emissions.
  • Waste recycling. Waste is generated in virtually every industry (service and manufacturing). Rather than tipping the waste it can often be recycled. We are able to recycle batteries, oils, paints, light bulbs etc. We can also convert waste that has been traditionally land filled (e.g. carpet, MDF) into compost or set up a system so that this can be performed “in-house”.

Major Installations Completed by FSS:


Rolls Royce Engineering        JCB Power Systems                Kew Gardens              HBOS

Lloyds Group                          Cummins Generators              Hibernia Atlantic        LBG

Astra Zenica                            Network Rail                          The Environment Agency


We started a tank installation / update programme for Aspire Defence Services Limited in June 2009 and have to date, installed over 100 tanks and brought a further 40 sites up to current regulation standards.


FSS Ongoing Annual Assessments / Servicing for Oil Tanks:


Lloyds Banking Group           Norbert Destrangle                 Kew Gardens              Kelda Water

Rolls Royce                             Parker Filtration                      RBS                            MOD

Aviva                                      Barclays Life Assurance         JCB                             Astra Zenica

Aspire Defence                       Leeds General Infirmary         Alliance & Leicester   Yorkshire