Chariot, a new mobility solution for the Public Sector and Private Companies

Stand Number : J3

Chariot is a tech-mobility company owned by Ford since 2016. Our mission is to build the world’s first sustainable transit solution that is reliable, accessible and easy:

Chariot offers a mobility solution for the public sector and companies to help their residents, staff, employees and students with their commute, while closely working with TFL, public transport and all transit agencies.

Smarter and greener: Getting people around in the most efficient way while alleviating congestion and pressure on car parking.

Cost effective: We deliver an innovative solution at an affordable price, offering free maintenance, customer support, live reports.

Attract new residents and talent: By facilitating how your residents and employees get around and commute from home to work/uni, you help make your borough, uni/hospital or company a lot more attractive.




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